Supplying Clean Water to Drought-Hit Urban Dwellers in Sukabumi

A Thirsty Thursday in Sukabumi

On a dry Thursday, October 19, 2023, 469 urban folks in the Warudoyong Subdistrict of Sukabumi City got a precious gift—clean water. Why? Because these residents were still grappling with a dire shortage of the life-giving liquid.

Rain Can’t Quench This Thirst

Even though some parts of Sukabumi City had seen raindrops in recent times, the demand for clean water didn’t let up. It kept pouring in from various corners.

The Clean Water Cry for Help

The cry for clean water this time came from the folks on Dwikora Street, specifically RT 04 and 05, RW 03 in the Warudoyong Subdistrict. Isra Yanuar Giu, head of Public Relations and Social Division at the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Sukabumi City, confirmed it.

Lending a Hand to Thirsty Neighbors

In response, the PMI Sukabumi City and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Sukabumi City sprang into action. Their mission? To deliver the liquid lifeline these folks so desperately needed.

Daily Life Necessities

Isra explained that their efforts were all about ensuring that clean water was available for the day-to-day needs of the community. Think things like bathing and other essentials.

Joining Forces for Clean Water

When they got down to business in the field, Isra revealed that PMI teamed up with the Regional Public Water Utility, Tirta Bumi Wibawa (Perumda AMTBW), based in Sukabumi City. Meanwhile, the BPBD Sukabumi City crew was in charge of coordinating and mobilizing their troops.

Many Helping Hands

But that’s not all. Isra spilled the beans on how local authorities, subdistrict representatives, and even military and police personnel, not to mention PMI representatives from the Lembursitu Subdistrict and local volunteers, all played their part in this water-saving mission.

The Water Delivery Operation

So how did they actually get that clean water to those in need? Isra let us in on the details. The PMI used water tank trucks with a capacity of 5,000 liters. And when the location posed a challenge, they busted out open-bed trucks with special tanks for storing water. These special rigs could access the trickiest spots that only small vehicles could reach.

Maximizing the Clean Water Aid

Isra emphasized that these measures were all part of their plan to make sure they got as much clean water as possible to those who were struggling in the affected areas. It all boiled down to using every available resource to deliver that precious liquid to the people in need.

In the end, it was a group effort that showed what a community could do when faced with the harsh reality of a water shortage. With determination and cooperation, they ensured that nobody in Warudoyong would have to go thirsty on that dry Thursday.