Russia Predicts Western Fatigue with Ukraine


Russia predicts Western fatigue nations are growing weary of the Ukraine situation. The reliability of aid from the United States (US) to Ukraine is becoming increasingly uncertain.

As reported by AFP, the Kremlin openly stated that Western nations’ weariness with Ukraine “will increase.” This prediction stems from a compromise reached by the US Congress last weekend to avoid a government shutdown.

The compromise did not include fresh funding for Ukraine. This omission occurred due to opposition from some hardline members of the Republican Party.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov remarked, “Weariness over this conflict—weariness of fully absurd sponsorship of the Kyiv regime—will increase in various countries, including the United States.”

Washington Continue its Involvement in the Conflict

However, Peskov stated that Washington would continue its involvement in the conflict. President Joe Biden himself has pledged to “not abandon” Ukraine as Russia’s invasion enters its 20th month.

Biden has also affirmed that the US will not halt aid to Ukraine and will continue providing assistance regardless of the situation.

Peskov indicated that Russia has long been considering the growing weariness of Western nations in supporting Kyiv. He even predicted the emergence of political divisions within the Western alliance due to this weariness.

“Fatigue will lead to divisions in political positions,” said Peskov.

Peskov’s Statements Amidst EU Foreign Ministers Meeting in Kyiv

Peskov’s statements coincided with a meeting of Foreign Ministers from European Union (EU) member states held in Kyiv. European Foreign Ministers pledged their support for Ukraine, despite differences of opinion among the 27 EU member states regarding the conflict.

Aid for Ukraine Excluded from US Budget Plan

It’s important to note that the US Congress has agreed on a government budget plan. This plan does not include aid for Ukraine.

The budget plan is part of a final agreement aimed at avoiding a shutdown of the US federal government. According to Reuters, President Biden urged members of the US Congress, particularly those within the Republican Party, to support a separate bill to provide more aid to Ukraine.

Biden expressed his frustration with political drama, stating that it nearly resulted in the shutdown of the US government if a budget plan had not been agreed upon.

This statement followed the US Congress’s approval of a stopgap bill on Saturday, September 30, local time. The stopgap bill extends US government funding for more than a month, preventing a government shutdown that could have left 4 million federal government employees without pay and disrupted many services.


The temporary bill, approved with broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, will be in effect until November 17. Notably, it does not include a budget for aid to Ukraine. Most Republican politicians have opposed aid for Ukraine.

However, the US has been a major supporter of Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion a year ago. Biden has made efforts to garner support both internationally and domestically to maintain assistance for Kyiv.

This situation highlights the complexity and sensitivity of international aid and the political dynamics surrounding it, even in the face of a protracted conflict like the one in Ukraine.

In conclusion, Russia’s prediction of Western weariness with the Ukraine situation and the uncertainty of aid from the US are important developments in the ongoing conflict. It underscores the need for international diplomacy and cooperation to address the complex challenges posed by the conflict.