Geek Fam Coaching Shake-Up: The Quest for a New Leader

Geek Fam Coaching Shake-Up: The Quest for a New Leader

We’ve got some hot news straight from the gaming arena – Coach Erpang is waving goodbye to Geek Fam. Yes, you read it right! But hold tight, Geek Fam is already on the prowl for a fresh coach, and we’re all eager to uncover who’s stepping into the coaching shoes.

Erpang’s Epic Journey

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about Erpang’s stint with Geek Fam. He hopped on board during the middle of MPL ID S12 and did some real wizardry – guiding them to runner-up glory and securing a ticket to the M5 World Championship. Now, just as MPL ID S13 is about to kick off, Erpang has decided to part ways with Balosykie and the gang. Now, that’s what we call a twist in the tale!

Erpang’s Instagram Revelation

Ever the storyteller, Erpang took to Instagram to drop the bomb. He spilled the tea, stating he’s “looking for a new team as an analyst and is very open to new things and experiences, ready to join soon.” Translation? Erpang is bidding adieu to Team Geek Fam.

The gaming community collectively raised its eyebrows at this unexpected turn of events. Erpang brought some serious magic to the team in such a short span, leaving us all in awe. Well, you know what they say – expect the unexpected in the world of gaming!

Gets the Scoop

The ace reporters wasted no time and went straight to Erpang for the deets on his Instagram revelation. Erpang, or the man of mystery Ervan Pratama, spilled the beans – he’s officially parting ways with Geek Fam.

Now, why did Erpang decide to make this exit? Turns out, he didn’t make the cut for Geek Fam’s MPL ID S13 roster. Bummer alert! But chin up, Erpang is gearing up for new and exciting adventures in his coaching career.

The Coach Void: Who’s Next in Geek Fam?

Now, onto the million-dollar question – who’s the lucky soul stepping into Erpang’s shoes? This is no small feat since the newcomer has to live up to the standards set by Erpang’s magic touch. The gaming world knows Erpang did some serious business with Geek Fam!

As we sift through the options, ONE Esports, our trusty game-watchers, spotted a couple of potential coaches during the M5 tournament in the Philippines. Cue the drumroll!

Bluffzy and Wurah, the dynamic duo who previously wore the hats of coach and analyst for ONIC PH, are names making the rounds. These Filipino maestros were seen hanging around Geek Fam during M5. And what’s more? They recently bid adieu to their old SLOT GACOR TERBARU team, sparking the rumor mill.

Connecting the dots, it seems like Bluffzy and Wurah are the stealthy contenders ready to fill Erpang’s coaching shoes. It’s almost like they were silently prepping for this moment. Sneaky, right?

Awaiting the Geek Fam Big Reveal

Now, we’re all perched on the edge of our gaming seats, eagerly awaiting the grand announcement of Geek Fam’s new coach. Who’s it gonna be? And, of course, how will Balosykie and the gang fare in MPL ID S13 under new guidance? The suspense is real, and we’re ready for some Mobile Legends drama! Keep those eyes peeled for updates!